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Born Free Premium Glass Newborn Starter Set

Expecting a baby? Attending a baby shower? Have you seen the Born Free Premium Glass Newborn Starter Set. It’s dropped to a great price today ($47.97) which is one of the lowest prices on record at Amazon.

Born Free glass bottles are designed to meet the feeding needs of all babies. The patented Active Flow venting technology allows baby to control milk flow for the most natural feeding experience, making it easier to switch between bottle and breast. Clinically designed to reduce colic and gas, the Born Free glass bottle is the natural choice for safe and calm feeding.

The Glass Newborn Starter Set includes:
– 2 x 5 Ounce glass bottles
– 2 x 9 Ounce glass bottles
– 2 silicone sleeves (5 Ounce and 9 Ounce)
– 2 x level 3 silicone nipples (fast flow)
– 1 formula dispenser
– 1 twister bottle brush set.

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